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Would you like to make a donation to Every Woman's Centre? or any of our initiatives? Everything, big or small can help; household supplies, furniture, food, clothing, monetary donation or maybe even just donating some of your time.
Please feel free to contact any of our staff members and we can guide you with all the information you will need. Remember no matter how big or how small, all donations make a difference.
For a donation inquiry please call us at (902) 567-1212 or (902) 564-4666 or fax us at (902) 567-1911.
*Please Note: if you are planning to fax us in regards to a donation or donation information, please put "Donation" on the cover page of the fax.

Every Woman’s Centre has a Charitable Tax Number and is guided by a separate Board of Directors.

To learn more about “Helping Hands” of Every Woman’s Centre, click here.
"We do it with the help of good friends like you."
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