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Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program
Adopt-A-Family works in cooperation with the Cape Breton Christmas Network to ensure that every family in need does receive gifts and food and that duplication are avoided. Families register according to the program guidelines and over the past number of years we have helped over 500 families a year, which represents an average of over 1200 children.
We recognize that while the Every Womans Centre sponsors this program, it is communities of generous donors who make it possible and make childrens wishes come true.
   What do families receive?
  • Children receive their wish item
  • A wrapped gift for the parent(s)
  • A Christmas Meal
  • Paper to wrap the childrens gifts
  • A Christmas card

Adopters are invited to spice up the package with whatever goodies they would like to include. Whatever is purchased for a family goes to that family. Packages are not separated or redistributed in any way.
Interested in Adopting a Family?

Those wishing to adopt a family can simply contact the Centre by phone or in person and state their intention to contribute. Each donation is accepted within the spirit of giving and no contribution is too small. We know that others have discovered what we have discovered: that believing can make dreams come true..

Adopters can do their own shopping or the Centre has volunteers who will shop on behalf of the adopter. Also the program itself adopts families from the monetary contributions it receives that are not targeted for a specific family.
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