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Almost Home Housing Program

Homelessness is a complex issue; it is truly the end of a long road of poverty, abuse, bad relationships, poor mental and physical health, loneliness and isolation. Homelessness undermines a communitys ability to reach its full potential and represents a growing trend in communities across Canada. There is no easy fix; however, communities must do what they can to help.
In 1997 the Every Womans Centre responded to a gap in womens services and began operating a womens residence called Almost Home. This program provides emergency, short and long-term housing for women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Almost Home accommodates 6 women at 0ne time and provides support and programs that will lead them to a sustainable livelihood. When ready, the women are assisted in attaining appropriate permanent housing, they are linked to community resources and ongoing support is established.

To learn more about the "Almost Home" program, click here.
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