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HERS (Hands Earning Respect for Self) Social Purpose Enterprise

Sponsored & supported by the Every Woman's Centre, HERS operates as a retail business which produces and sells "one-of-a-kind" items to the general public. HERS offers a concrete & viable program for women experiencing economic hardship the opportunity to recognize their existing marketable skills, to learn new ones and to earn income in the form of goods and services.
The HERS participants work co-operatively in a non-traditional work environment, improving their quality of life for themselves while supporting one another. The goals of the project are achieved through project outcomes for the participants which will help them develop new, useful skill sets for future benefit.

The HERS Shop is open Monday to Friday, so drop by and have a look around at some of the amazing and unique items that have been produced.

To learn more about the "HERS" project, click here.

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